WordPress maintenance service

Imagine having your online presence always up-to-date and clearly reflecting the state of your enterprise. Imagine a service that can provide timely site updates. Imagine being confident your site is working optimally.

Speed Metrics

Optimize the speed of your website for the best user experience.

security support

Having a hacked website will cause you a lot of harm to your business.


Having old and out of date software can create user and security issues.

Plus so much more

We can handle everything to do with your site.

Your time and security matters, so let us handle your online presence.

We have helped many small businesses

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secured companies
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eliminated threats
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TB of daily backups

Interested in learning more about lead generation?

Interested in learning more about lead generation?

Get the most out of your package and ask about lead generation! With our data-driven SEO strategies, we can reach your targeted audience. 

With our WordPress Maintenance Services, you will get more than just daily backups on your website.

All of our WordPress maintenance services include malware removal, theme updates, uptime monitoring, security monitoring, WordPress core file updates, and 24 7 security monitoring by one of our team experts.

By having the website themes and plugins updated, you will not have to worry about security threats to your WordPress site.

Our small business WordPress clients love our maintenance plan because they know that their online presence is being taken care of by experts with priority support.

Our team of WordPress Support Specialists are proud of our WordPress maintenance service because they know how much it means to our clients. They know the security risks of a WordPress website that needs malware removal or plugin updates can be a huge risk for our clients.

Our Process to Support your Website

Our Process to Support your Website

Once you sign up for our maintenance services we will provide you with a series of questions, including access to your website. Once we have connected, we’ll do an initial website backup, then start the WordPress Core File Updates. Once that is completed, we will do all of the theme updates. Then we can do the plugin updates on your site.

With our maintenance services, we also include speed optimization. The developer that will be working on your WordPress website are experts in our field and we will be sure to take care of your WordPress website throughout the entire process we maintain your site.

Small Businesses Need WordPress Maintenance Plan

WordPress website maintenance is crucial for small business owners. Our team of experts can handle all of the website update maintenance needs for your team. With our wp siteplan you will get uptime monitoring, WordPress core updates, WordPress support, theme support, plugin updates, and so much more. This is all included even with our cheapest WordPress Maintenance Service Packages.

With our WordPress Support Services, you will not need to pay anyone else for your tech support for your WordPress Site. Our team of WordPress Specialists will take care of all of the maintenance and website updates so you won’t have to worry about a thing.


Our WordPress Support Service can also handle custom development websites too. The core files and plugins of a WordPress website are essentially the same as any other WordPress website. So our WordPress Maintenance can support all aspects of a WordPress website. The support services that we provide with our website maintenance services can help your small business succeed.

Other WordPress Maintenance Companies do not give you enough for what you are paying. We understand that if your business WordPress website is not making generating you any income, then you are missing out on a lot of potential sales.

Start Up

$ 30
per month



Small Business

$ 75
per month


$ 130
per month


$ 175
per month

WordPress Security Matters

No matter how big or small your website is, it should be secure.

WordPress Security Matters

No matter how big or small your website is, it should be secure.

And lastly, our WordPress Maintenance Support Services are the best support services you can purchase online. Our support has seen everything and can handle everything. You can trust in our ability to take care of your entire online presence on your WordPress website. Our maintenance plans are not limited to website backups, we go the extra mile for your wp siteplan. We only use the best WordPress Security plugins to ensure your user is seeing what is expecting on your website.

There are other WordPress Maintenance Companies that do not watch your security at all, and those services should not be used. Your WordPress website needs to be secure at all times, as that is your online presence not being protected. Other companies use plugins that are known to cause issues with your WordPress Hosting company.

We ensure that with our WordPress Support Services we will not cause any errors with your WordPress Hosting or website design. Our website support plugins have been used and tested over the many years we have been providing website support service. We stand by our products and team and we know we will provide your WordPress Website with the support and maintenance plans that will help keep your website safe, secure, and growing.