Looking at The 6 Best WordPress Comment Plugins

Have you ever been to a blog that doesn’t have the comment section activated? Seemed really static and boring, right? The truth is, comments bring a blog to life, and they help create a community of people who interact with not only you but also one another. This can actually drive a lot more traffic to your website, increase sales, and even bring opportunities you never thought possible. With that said, there are numerous WordPress comment plugins that you can use, and it is quite confusing to choose just one. Don’t worry; we have looked at all of them and will now present the six best WordPress comment plugins for you to choose from. Furthermore, as apart of our WordPress Maintenance Service packages, we will manage your comments to ensure the integrity of your website.

Jetpack Comments

Jetpack Logo

Jetpack Comments is an extremely popular and widely used comment plugin that has over 5 million installs. One of the great things about this plugin is that it allows commenters to log in through their own Facebook, WordPress, Google, and even Twitter accounts. Email updates are also provided so that commenters can opt to get updated when someone responds to their comment.

Jetpack also offers other features such as the ability to change the form style to light, dark, or even transparent. Comments can even be formatted, and it is possible for other visitors and commenters to “like” other person’s comments. This provides a more customized and social experience that many web users greatly enjoy. In addition to these great features, Jetpack also offers security in the form of secure logins, malware scans, brute force protection, backups, etc.


Disqus logo

The great thing about the Disqus comment plugin is that it was the very first to add social functions to blog commenting. This is an extremely popular comment plugin, and it will help you to change the entire format of the comment section of your blog from the typical native WordPress comment section. This plugin allows you to embed videos from YouTube, format comment text, log in via various social media platforms, upload photos, etc.

If you’re worried about spam, then this comment plugin is exactly what you need. It has very advanced and effective spam detection and even allows you to ban users and create a list of trusted users. It also provides metrics such as engagement, how many times a blog post and comments have been read etc.


WpDiscuz Logo

Lastly, the final WordPress comment plugin on our list is wpDiscuz, which is similar to Disqus, except that it is made for speed and is self-hosted. The interface is very easy and intuitive to use, and it allows you the capability of sorting through the blog’s comments by the most upvoted, oldest, and newest. It has lazy loading, which essentially means it will only load and make comments viewable as needed when the user scrolls down. This comment plugin is compatible with Akismet and various other anti-spam plugins, which will help keep your blog safe. One of the features that make this plugin different is that it enables commenters to respond to comments from their email inbox as opposed to needing to re-visit the blog and reply there. This helps to make the comment section a lot more active and engaged.


Postmatic logo

When you need to stand out from the crowd with your blog posts, you need to provide your readers with a variety of features that make them want to share your content with their network. Postmatic is a unique comment plugin that works well with every WordPress theme, enabling you to send creative emails for every new post, page, comment, or newsletter you decide on publishing on your website. This alone is a great promotion tool for your own business.

Another great feature is that you get complete control over the style, format, and theme of the email, so you can let your creativity do all the work. The result is a very professional email that you can share on your social media and will help you to gain more readers for your business.

Facebook Comments

Facebook Logo

The Facebook comment plugin is, as the name suggests, designed to make comment posting easier for your readers who wish to log in with their Facebook account. It also makes it easier for yourself as the owner of the blog to moderate comments. Since this plugin is Facebook-themed, it is very intuitive and easy to manage in terms of making comments available, approving comments, etc.

Once you install this popular comment plugin, all your readers will need to do is click on the Facebook login link and provide their email address, which will then link their account to your blog’s comment section. Comments will then be posted directly to your blog by the user directly. This plugin makes it easier to manage comments and eliminates spam almost entirely.

Thrive Comments

Thrive Plugin Logo

The Thrive comments plugin is yet another widely used plugin that is both free and fully functional. This plugin allows you to customize the look of the comment section, and it integrates very well with the WordPress theme you are currently using. The great thing about this plugin is that it was designed to be both easy to use as well as very intuitive to setup. It is lightweight and works quickly. Comments can be suggested by the readers and then ranked and viewed in order of popularity.

This comment plugin also has a built-in analytics tool that allows you to assess the readership and allows you to see the highest-rated comment. In addition, comments can be previewed in an enlarged state or can be easily collapsed. The comment sections are also searched friendly, which makes it very convenient to search for comments.

Our Conclusion

There is no denying the importance of the comments section on a blog or website. The different plugins mentioned above are all excellent platforms to use, and they will certainly improve the social interaction and overall experience of the blog reader. Take some time to try out each one of the comment plugins, and then choose which you like best. One of the best ways to increase your readership is to make your readers feel “at home” on your blog. A happy comment section means that people are interacting with one another, and that will translate into more click-throughs and more traffic to your blog.

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