Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress Maintenance

Answering the most common questions about our maintenance services

This page should answer all questions you may have about what we offer or what you can expect for WordPress Maintenance Services.

Can you manage sites that you did not build?

Yes, absolutely! We have maintained many websites over the years from clients from our SEO agency or from a previous developer who disappeared off the face of the earth. We have gained years of experience from maintaining websites as treat all of them as if we custom-built them.

Do I have to host my website with you?

The simple answer is no, but it does make our job a lot easier to host your website on our preferred hosting.  We do still have a very small number of clients that do host have their own website hosting service providers.

Do you have any requirements for specific hosting providers?

If your current hosting provider allows a “staging environment”, that would be preferred, but if not we have ways of working around that. Having a staging environment makes updating the website a lot easier without pushing updates to your live website. We use SiteGround for all our of hosting, because of their speed and staging tools.

On top of that we prefer your hosting company to have 24-hour customer support.  While our team has years of experience, there are some things that are out of our control, and it usually points to the hosting. This is another reason we like to host the website for you.

What access will you need to my site?

For us to properly provide our services to you, we require full admin access logins for the dashboard of your website. Furthermore, we may request DNS access management, as well as cPanel access. Without admin access, we cannot provide you with the services required.

How long does it take to get set up?

Depending on which plan you choose, it could be as less than 24 hours, but no more than 72 hours.  But this is mostly dependent on how quickly you can communicate with us.

Where are your backups stored?

By default, our backups are stored in the US, using the safe and secure Amazon S3 infrastructure datacenters. Clients that use our hosting through SiteGround will also have daily hosting backups for that extra security with their automatic backup systems.

How do you plan to keep my data safe?

We have automatic monitoring in place using services provided by Norton, Windows, Google Safe Browsing, and a list of others. This safety check scans the web pages on your internet site, contrasts the code versus the recognized malware database, and notifies us if anything is flagged as a possible concern or susceptibility. This permits us to be positive as opposed to responsive, as well as make sure that your site does not have a data breached.

To take this further, we will be installing Wordfence Premium, which is the dealing security plugin for WordPress that is available. By using this plugin, it will block all requests from IP addresses that are actively attacking WordPress sites protected by Wordfence. The Wordfence firewall leverages firewall rules to identify and block malicious traffic to your website, protecting you from the latest WordPress attacks and security vulnerabilities. And lastly, Wordfence’s security scanner and firewall rely on thousands of malware signatures to help identify malware on your website and to block malicious uploads.

We also advise that all websites we care for have an SSL certification. When an internet browser calls your site, an SSL certification makes it possible for an encrypted link, suggesting the information being moved via your website is protected and secure behind a layer of file encryption.

 In addition to everything listed above, we more security protocols and procedures that we follow, but we will not disclose any of that information to the public.  This is to guarantee the protected and risk-free procedure of your web site and its information every day.

What happens if my site goes down?

We use uptime monitoring software that is scanning your website regularly. If the software detects that your website is not online for any reason, we will be informed immediately. As soon as we are informed, we will make our quick assessment. If the problem cannot be resolved quickly, we will contact you providing an update on the status.  If we can resolve your issues as soon as they happen, you will still be notified of the problem, the cause of the problem, and what we did to resolve the issue.

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