Amazon Lead Tracking Software

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Amazon Lead Tracking Software

Generating and managing leads is a big part of selling products on Amazon. While it is hard to land new customers, making sure they stay in your ecosystem is harder still. Top-of-the-line Amazon lead tracking software ensures that you not only land new customers but also retain them.

The following are five reasons why Clutch Funnels’ lead management software is among the best on the market.

  1. Fully Featured

Moving between different tools to do basic tasks like sales calling and follow-up emails waste a lot of time. For a business, time not used for customer acquisition and scaling is a wasted opportunity. To make sure this doesn’t happen to our customers, we have designed our lead tracking software to be fully featured.

Put simply, once, inside our lead management tools, you won’t have to leave to perform any basic task. Our tools come read with everything you need to make the most of your time.

  1. Easy to Use

Many CRM providers overlook the operational ease of use of their tools. The result is an ecosystem that is clunky, hard to use, and even harder to get used to. This results in lots of wasted time. At Clutch Funnels, we aim to change that.

Be it our leading Amazon inventory management software or our state-of-the-art lead management tools, we aim to keep our ecosystem easy to use. We claim that anyone can get up and running with our software in a matter of minutes.

  1. Lead Pipeline Tracking

Closing a sale requires much more than simple lead acquisition. Once customers enter a sales funnel, engaging with them the right way can be the difference between a lead leakage and a successful sale. This is where lead pipeline tracking comes in.

Tracking a lead pipeline gives you a front-row seat to what your prospect is doing. Is the prospect opening the emails? How is the click-through rate? Where does the fault lie if the prospects aren’t taking the right action? Pipeline tracking answers all of these questions by allowing you to monitor your sales campaign.

  1. Lead Prioritization

No two leads are the same. Some leads are more likely to result in sales than others. Understanding which leads are more likely to convert allows you to nurture leads that will generate revenue rather than waste time with the ones that won’t. And the best form of doing this is an automatic lead prioritization mechanism.

We, at Clutch Funnels, take pride in the way our lead management tools handle lead prioritization. Suffice to say, by going with us, you are more likely to save time and make more money.

  1. Targeted Email Campaigns

Once you know which leads to nurture, our CRM allows you to craft targeted email campaigns to engage those leads. Know which emails have worked in the past and which need some tweaking, and then commence your campaign with confidence.

In short, you can craft new emails, send follow-ups, and track the progress of the email campaign without leaving our leading lead tracking software.  

So, contact Clutch Funnels today to learn how we can help you generate and track leads.


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