8 Best Emoji WordPress Plugin You Can Choose From

Engagement driven by emotions is often used to spearhead the user into a complete experience, culminating in a brand action. Choosing the right Emoji to capture a moment in your life, convey the purpose of a post, or just be silly is the big challenge. Keep your emoji WordPress Plugins updated with our WordPress Maintenance Service

To make this choice, you need a pack of emojis that is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It should be accessible within a few clicks. Apart from that, the Emoji should depict every emotion you are feeling. It should help you completely stop at the point of customer engagement.

If you’re a blogger or you’re planning to make a blog for your website, then it would be smart to choose a plugin that allows you to use new and popular emojis in your blog posts without needing to copy-paste them from the Internet.

There are several plugins in the WordPress repository that give you a whole list of Emoji emoticons that can be accessed within your post editor irrespective of the type of gadget you are using to access it.

Having a plugin with the right emoji pack will give your users the ability to have the familiar emoticons from their email. You’re probably wondering which plugin to choose. Not to worry, we’ve made the top 8 emoji pack plugins for your WordPress website. Keep reading!

1. Native WordPress Emoji

Native WordPress Emoji logo

Native Emoji is a useful free plugin that adds emojis to your WordPress posts and pages. The plugin is beautifully designed, with a smooth and intuitive interface that will help you add emojis to your posts almost instantly. Not only that, you can customize the plugin in a number of ways while choosing from over 2000 emojis available. You can also set the size of the Emoji and many others.

Native Emoji is an excellent plugin that gives its users a whole set of emoticons in their WordPress blog. Want to add an angry emoji on a particular post? Or have a big red smiley face on another post? Native Emoji will let you do that. The plugin is completely responsive and works on all devices, desktops, and smartphones alike.

As your content is the major driving force behind your brand, the approach should be like a river flowing without any disturbance. With the help of native WordPress Emoji, you can manipulate the content writing and guide users to click on your content as per your desire.

WP Emoji One Logo

2. WP Emoji One

Get one-click access to 1000+ emojis along with lots of related features, such as hover effects, embedding, assigning custom classes, and more. This plugin provides the ultimate content enrichment tool that anyone can use and get an immersive and interactive reading experience.

3. TinyMCE Smiley Button

TinyMCE Smiley Button Logo

TinyMCE Smiley button provides a set of smiling emojis for WordPress, much like a smiley or laughter button. Just click on the button, add emojis, and let your readers know that your content is fun.

With this plugin, you can easily add smileys or emoji icons in the post without needing to memorize their HTML code. Boasting a remarkable, intuitive dashboard design from where you can customize the plugin to your preferred preferences, there is not much you can ask more of a tool than this.

4. Emoji Emoticons

Emoji Emoticons Logo

Are you still struggling to find a plugin for adding emoticons and emojis on the WordPress website? Then, make use of Emoji Emoticons, the all-in-one solution that will bring amazing tools for getting things done easily. This plugin has a lightweight design that makes it ideal for newbies. Developed by Guilherme Baptista, Emoji Emoticons doesn’t take a lot of resources and doesn’t have too many features and settings. It’s quite straightforward and easy to use while still being capable enough to provide the user with a whole set of emotions that he/she needs.

5. Zuzu Viral Reactions

Zuzu Viral Reactions Logo

If you are a blogger, who loves to add viral emojis in your content, then Zuzu Viral Reactions is the ideal plugin you should be using. It gives you access to more than 1000+ viral emojis that will drive users to your content.

With a detailed guide and tool, Zuzu Viral Reactions comes with a great design, which makes it easier for you to use the plugin and use the emojis in your post. Access Zuzu Viral Reactions and be one of the thousands of bloggers who use emojis to publish and drive their blog content to success.

It adds one easy to access button to your WordPress post editor toolbar. Click on the button, choose from the 1000’s available emojis, embed the Emoji, and enjoy your post.

6. Local Emoji

Local Emoji Logo

Another proper way to be in charge of your website, local Emojis plugin helps you spice up your content with every known Emoji. Adding local emojis to your content will surely keep your users engaged and help them retain more information while reading it.

The trademark of Local Emoji is it’s performance-optimized feature sets, it’s simple but effective setup, and the most important, it’s vast library of more than 1000+ emojis and other emoticons.

7. Super Emoji Plus+

super-emoji-Plugin Logo

Super Emoji Plus+ is another plugin helping you to display emojis to your content. It is one of the plugins that have responsive design and lightweight utilities. Displaying the Emoji is quite simple, with a streamlined interface. Not only that, you can let your users easily embed the Emoji with a click mouse or from the keyboard. Super Emoji Plus+, you’ll get access to 1600+ emojis; use any of them in your content.

You can also use Super Emoji Plus as a popup and add additional emoji properties into the popup box, letting you add your customized emoji code easily.

8. Open Source Emoji

Open Source Emoji Plugin Logo

Tired of the usual smiley faces? Then Open Source Emoji is all you need to look forward to. This plugin gives you the convenient option of adding new emojis to your post.

Open Source Emoji prepares your post for relevance, traffic, interaction, and search engine optimization. This powerful .js and CSS based plugin giving you the ultimate autonomous path to the ultimate emoji repository anywhere out there on the web.

The plugin embarks upon an incredible support team that wants you to succeed on an incredible level. Open Source Emoji is quick, efficient, reliable, simple to use, and comes with a lot of emojis to help you have the most fun with your blog.


All the above 8 Emoji Plugins for WordPress are efficient and feature-rich with respect to emojis. They will keep your audience engaged, and I’m pretty sure they are more than enough to add to your blog content. Liking or disliking any of the above plugins? Do let us know in the comments below.

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